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Go Green

...With regular parking lot sweeping!

Our sweeping services are about more than just removing debris from  your parking lot and property.  Our regular, thorough cleaning of your lot has long-term, lasting effects on the environment.  Check out the video to learn more and find out how you can be a part of making a difference!

The Starting Point for Cleaner Asphalt Maintenance:

Asphalt Enterprises leads the charge in the switch to Compressed Natural Gas

      Joining the cutting-edge group of large waste-hauling companies, municipalities, architect/construction firms, and distribution and transportation companies, Asphalt Enterprises is leading the way in our industry (and for small businesses as a whole) in the Triangle area with our current addition of Compressed Natural Gas trucks to our fleet. Though we are smaller in size than many of the other companies converting to CNG, we see the value in using CNG and are excited to offer our services using this cleaner, domestically produced gas.

CNG's many significant benefits include the following:

  • It is cleaner/less polluting to our environment:

    • CNG reduces carbon monoxide emissions by 70-90%

    • Non-methane organic gas by 50-75%

    • Nitrogen oxides by 75-95%

    • Carbon dioxide by 20-30%

    • Zero evaporative emissions (that nasty smell!)

  • CNG is domestically produced:

    • 98% of CNG is from North America

    • Allowing for no possibility of a supply disruption

    • 120 years estimated current supply

  • Economical

  • Provides similar power, acceleration, and cruising speed ability to that of diesel or gasoline

  • As residents of North Carolina, we have the added benefit that NC is a leader in providing access to CNG! There are currently 15 public fueling stations in NC, with more to come in 2014.

      In a recent conversation with Jerry O'Keefe, Manager of Large Accounts for PSNC Energy, Jerry noted that Asphalt Enterprises is ahead of the curve in our conversion to CNG; he doesn't know of any other companies in our industry locally who are making the switch. Considering that the change over to CNG is not Federally or State mandated, Jerry considers Asphalt Enterprises to be “forward-thinking,” and he adds, “though larger fleet companies are catching on, we are definitely still in the first quarter-mile of this.” We at Asphalt Enterprises are happy to join in at the starting line to provide cleaner and safer asphalt maintenance services in the Greater Triangle area!