Earth Day? That’s Every Day For Sweeping Companies

The month of April brings to mind warmer weather and blooming plants in the landscape among other things. April is also a month of observances with importance, including Earth Day on April 22nd.

Earth Day is a very special observance in the power sweeping industry, because we are uniquely aware of the aggregate positive effect of our regular power sweeping services on the local environment.

Parking lots and other paved surfaces can accumulate all sorts of litter, trash and debris, but that is only the visible layer of a multi faceted issue. Paved surfaces can also contain acuumulate particulates, hydrocarbon chemicals such as gas and oil, and other pollutants.

Regular power sweeping helps reduce litter, debris, particles, and pollutants that would ultimately find their way into our waterways through storm drains every time it rains. This results in the overall level of litter and pollutants that are carried from local tributaries into larger waterways such as our rivers, and could eventually be carried out into our oceans.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in the spring of 2020, discarded PPE has become a significant issue as well. Our sweepers now are picking up substantial numbers of masks, gloves, sanitizer wipes and other personal protective items in the parking lots we service.

In the power sweeping industry, we believe strongly that nothing but rain should go down a storm drain. For more information, contact Asphalt Commercial Property Maintenance today!