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Parking Lot and Parking Deck Sweeps

Today, more than ever, consumers are aware of the cleanliness of the perimeter of a shopping area or business complex.  A well-kept parking lot may be the difference between gaining a new client and losing a potential business-growth opportunity. We provide a total, personalized parking lot sweeping package:
                                   -24 hours a day
                                   -based on your schedule
                                   -fully equipped & well-maintained trucks
           -daily trash can liner changing
                                   -portering services
                                   -NAPSA Certified Sweeping Company
We use sweepers equipped with the latest technology that are designed for superior parking lot cleaning performance.  While you sleep, we ensure that your parking areas and sidewalks are swept clean and free of trash, dirt, and debris. 

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Parking Deck Sweeping requires a specialized type of parking lot sweeper, and not all sweeping companies are prepared to deal with the challenges of a parking deck sweep.  At Asphalt Enterprises we are prepared for and experienced with regular parking deck sweeping.  We have specialized low-profile parking lot sweeper trucks that meet clearance and weight requirements for parking decks. Our drivers are trained in the specific needs that are unique to a parking deck.  We can empty trash cans, clean sidewalks, and blow out stairwells in your parking deck as well.  
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Being a NAPSA Certified Sweeping Company means Asphalt Enterprises has undergone an application process qualifying us under strict guidelines for: 
-continuing education, 
-vehicle maintenance, 
-driver training, and 
-adherence to NAPSA's code of ethics
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