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Why Power Sweeping?

1. Improve Your Image - how do you want your customers to feel when they enter your property? The way your business presents itself should be translated to your parking lot appearance.

2. Increase Visibility - The surface of your parking garage or lot plays a larger role in lighting your facility than you may realize. A surface that’s clean will better reflect light and increase visibility.

3. Remove Potential Hazards - Oil stains and excess gravel and debris all put you, your employees, and your customers at risk to slips and falls.

4. Increase Pavement Life-span - Salt, oil, and abrasive debris act like sandpaper when vehicles drive over them. This affects the condition of your parking area through the years.

5. Remove Odors - Cigarette buds, animal feces, and food or beverage spills can cause odors over time that won’t be pleasant and can attract unwanted critters
For Your Parking Lots & Parking Decks:
Today, more than ever, consumers are aware of the cleanliness of the perimeter of a shopping area or business complex.  A well-kept parking lot may be the difference between gaining a new client and losing a potential business-growth opportunity. We provide a total, personalized parking lot sweeping package using sweepers equipped with the latest technology that are designed for superior parking lot cleaning performance:
                                   -24 hours a day
                                   -based on your schedule
                                   -fully equipped & well-maintained trucks
           -daily trash can liner changing
                                   -portering services
For Your Municipality:
We are fully equipped and trained for street sweeps! We will provide you with a customized quote based on your needs. Our total street sweeping package includes:
-Scheduling around your needs
-Street sweeper trucks equipped with water 
-Removal of dirt & debris
-Thorough and environmentally friendly 
-Other specifications? Just call; we'll handle it!
For Your HOA/Community:
Maintaining a proper sweeping schedule helps your community remain clean, and therefore increases pride and property values. Whether you are a homeowner, property manager, or HOA board member, we understand that it is important to you that your community parking areas and streets remain clean and in compliance with all requirements.   Our plan for your community or HOA sweeping is guaranteed to be:
-Compliant with community noise ordinances
& other specifications

For Your Construction Project:
Whether you are maintaining a large industrial construction project or managing a home under construction, we are here to help you ensure your construction site stays neat and in compliance with federal and local regulations for cleanliness.
Call us to discuss your construction sweeping needs today!
For Your Warehouse:
For the safety of your employees and to make sure you keep up with code requirements, it is important to keep a regular cleaning and sweeping schedule in your warehouse.  We can help prepare your personalized schedule for warehouse sweeps to meet your specific needs.
Special Sweeps:
We know that sometimes your property is more "needy" than others! Maybe you hosted a special event or maybe it's Fall and those Autumn leaves are accumulating faster than you imagined!
We're available for pretty much any special sweep you can imagine, but here are some of our most requested sweeps!:

-Leaf sweeping
-Post-run event clean up
-Holiday event clean up
-Graduation event clean up
-Sand and salt clean up after Winter weather