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Maintain a clean and professional environment around your property

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Power sweeping preserves your pavement & protects the environment.

Raleigh North Carolina Property Services & Day Porter

Since 1987,

You’ve known us as Asphalt Enterprises, the premier parking lot sweeping and asphalt maintenance company in Raleigh and beyond. Founded as a family-owned company, AE has been there to serve YOU, the customer.

Under new local ownership, but maintaining that family-owned feel and customer-focused vision, AE is expanding to meet all of your property maintenance needs in Raleigh-Durham and Eastern, NC. Our heartbeat is the same, and our ability to meet your property maintenance needs is amplified. Check out all of our offerings, and let us help you define your personal property plan here at AE Commercial Property Maintenance.

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Contact us with any questions you have about the benefits of power sweeping. Our team is scheduling appointments with clients located throughout Raleigh – Durham and Eastern North Carolina.

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