Protective Seal Coating

Quality seal coating protects the asphalt by stopping the oxidation process, and it protects your financial investment.

New asphalt pavement has a deep black color, but the oxidation process begins immediately which, over time, causes the pavement to develop a light gray color. This oxidation process eats deep into the pavement and the small aggregate material, such as sand and gravel, is released. Consequently, the pavement area becomes rough and deteriorated.

How Does Seal Coating Provide a Solution?

  • Quality Seal Coating Protects the Asphalt
  • Stops the Oxidation Process
  • Protects Your Financial Investment
  • Seal Coating Forms a Tough Bond with the Pavement
  • Stops UV Rays from Penetrating
  • Seals Out the Damaging Effects of the Elements
  • We Mix Sand with High-Quality Emulsion Sealer; This Sand Is a Crucial Element in Seal Coating
  • Extends the Life of the Sealer
  • Allows for Better Traction

High-quality seal coating accomplishes all of the above, while also giving your lot an attractive, like new appearance and providing superior fuel resistance.

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