Below you see the message that we sent our customers as an initial response to the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to that, we’d like to communicate to you the importance of Power Sweeping on your property during this time, especially as we monitor the increase in debris that may not have been expected. Many property managers were initially unsure of how to respond to the current COVID-19 crisis; however, there are several critical reasons why continued services or increased services would be a significantly safer and recommended course of action:

1. Essential businesses such as grocery stores, warehouse clubs, pharmacies, and other similar establishments have seen a dramatic increase in sales due to panic buying and hoarding. This has created an increase of standard litter and debris than what is typically found in the normal course of business.
2. There is also a very real new problem: discarded PPE. Power sweeping companies around our nation are seeing unprecedented numbers of gloves, masks, and other Personal Protective Equipment in parking lots, street curbs, gutters, and drains. Sweeping removes these items to prevent a risk to public safety and our environment.
3. Power Sweeping is the preferred CDC and U.S. Government approved essential sanitation best practice to safely remove and dispose of these potentially harmful items in a touch free fashion.