Property Maintenance Technology

We have a legacy at AE of adopting the latest technology available to our industry in order to serve you better. We plan to continue to expand our vast and varied use of technology for complete commercial property maintenance.

GPS Tracking Technology

Each of our sweeping trucks is equipped with GPS tracking technology. This feature enables us to see where our trucks are in real-time and to view detailed written and visual reports of each truck’s activity. For you, our customer, this provides the peace of mind that we are at your property at the correct time, sweeping in an efficient and thorough sweeping pattern.

Mapping Technology

We provide detailed, color-coded maps for your convenience. These maps show:

  • Exact Areas Where Particular Work Will Be Done
  • Dates for Work to Be Completed
  • Other Job-Related Specifications

We also utilize advanced property measuring tools to efficiently determine equipment and supply needs for your particular job. This allows us to complete your jobs quickly, economically, and accurately.

In the picture to the right, you can see where we have marked potholes that will be repaired. This removes any confusion over where and which repairs will be done.

Here, you can see where we have marked off areas for seal coating. This allows a great visual for you and any tenants, homeowners, renters, etc. who needs to be aware that work is being done on the property.

Routing Technology

For our nightly sweeping routes, we use an advanced routing software for optimization. This ensures that:

  • Your Property Is Swept During the Specified Allowed Time
  • All Stipulations You Provide Are Met
  • Fuel & Driver Costs Are Minimized, Keeping Our Prices Low for You–Our Customer

Contact us to start taking advantage of the latest in property maintenance technology. Our team works hard to impress clients located throughout Raleigh – Durham and Eastern North Carolina.