Specialized Power Sweeping

For the safety of your employees and to make sure you keep up with code requirements, it is important to keep a regular cleaning and sweeping schedule in your warehouse and after special events on your property. We can help prepare your personalized schedule for sweeps to meet your specific needs.

Other Projects or Events

We know that sometimes your property is more “needy” than others. Maybe you hosted a special event or maybe it is fall and those autumn leaves are accumulating faster than you imagined.

We’re available for pretty much any special sweep you can imagine, but here are some of our most requested sweeps:

  • Warehouse
  • Leaf Sweeping
  • Post-Run Event Clean Up
  • Holiday Event Clean Up
  • Graduation Event Clean Up
  • Sand & Salt Clean Up after Winter Weather

Contact us to schedule a parking lot sweeping for your property. Our team helps keep parking lots and decks clean throughout Raleigh – Durham and Eastern North Carolina.