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Founded in 1987 by Scott and Sylvia Richards, Asphalt Enterprises has established itself as your premier partner for complete commercial property maintenance in Raleigh-Durham and the Research Triangle Area. Now serving Greater Raleigh and all of Eastern NC, AE Commercial Property Maintenance is your key to receiving the highest quality care.

Joe Wise, Owner

Raleigh North Carolina Power Sweeping and Property Management Services

A North Carolina native businessman and Raleigh civic and social leader, Joe Wise brings to AE Commercial Property Maintenance a lifetime of business expertise along with a spirit to see success throughout his community and among his customers. Joe has served on the Board of Directors for the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Directors for Rex Hospital Foundation, the Lung and Cancer Society, the Downtown Redevelopment Corporation, and several other community committees. With Joe Wise at the helm, AE Commercial Property Maintenance is sure to continue to have a heart of service for its community and customers.

Our Management Team

We’ve brought only the best to oversee the care of your property. With over 80 combined years of operational management experience, our team is ready to handle every detail of your commercial property needs from precise plan to perfect execution.

Brooke Williams, CFO/HR Manager

Lee Ott, Business Analysis/Client Audit

Kirk Matthews, Sweeping Supervisor/Building Maintenance

Our Affiliations and Accreditations

As a member of the North American Power Sweeping Association and the first NAPSA Certified Sweeping Company in the Greater Raleigh area, AE Commercial Property Maintenance is committed to industry involvement and education, leading to the highest quality and most current services possible for you and your property.

AE Commercial Property Maintenance values our membership in the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce. Through The Chamber of Commerce, we are able to make valuable connections and gain education that ultimately is put to use for you, the customer.

We joined 1-800-Sweeper in 2012, and have reaped great benefits from this supportive industry group as we continue to provide top-notch parking lot sweeping for Raleigh-Durham and all of Eastern NC.

Through this partnership, we have shared our knowledge, gleaned from others, stayed on top of technologies and training techniques in the sweeping industry and found better ways to maintain our quality while keeping our prices competitive. It is a win-win-win!

As of 2020, AE Commercial Property Maintenance is a North American Power Sweeping Association Certified Sweeping Company. This certification shows that AE is trained in best practices by national experts providing a much safer work experience for our staff and our clients.


AE Commercial Property Maintenance re-sealed the parking lots, repainted the stripes, and re-numbered the parking spaces at Fredericksburg Townhomes in Goldsboro on July 15 and 16. The parking lots look terrific. The finished product is beyond our expectations. The crew was very professional and easy to work with and completed the work in a timely manner so that residents could return their vehicles to the finished sections by 6 p.m. each day. Several residents have gone out of their way to express their pleasure with how the subdivision looks with the freshened parking areas. When the need arises in the future for parking lot maintenance we will definitely call on AE Commercial Property Maintenance.”
-Jim Meachen
President, Fredericksburg Townhomes


“You (AE Commercial Property Maintenance) are ahead of the curve in your conversion to CNG (compressed natural gas); I don’t know of any other companies in your industry locally who are making the switch… Especially since the change over to CNG is not Federally or State mandated, you’re very forward-thinking… Though larger fleet companies are catching on, we are definitely still in the first quarter mile of this.”
-Excerpt from a recent conversation with Jerry O’Keefe, Manager of Large Accounts for PSNC Energy


“Scott and Sylvia of AE Commercial Property Maintenance have been a trusted part of Oak Park Shopping Center for 11 years.  While we count on them for lot sweeping, bi-weekly trash can service and for all of our snow and ice removal, we also contracted their services for seal-coating, pavement striping and signage for our recent up-fit.  We are happy to recommend AE Commercial Property Maintenance for any of their excellent services.”
-Holly Connell Tehan
Executive Vice President, Connell Realty & Mortgage, Inc.
Leasing Agent, Oak Park Shopping Center


“I have been the property manager for Olde Raleigh Village since 2007.  AE Commercial Property Maintenance has been our contractor for nightly sweeping, nightly trash can pick up, quarterly pressure washing and asphalt repair since 2003. They have been extremely helpful and irreplaceable in assisting me in managing a very busy shopping center. They are extremely responsive to all of my requests.  They respond the same business day or no longer than 24 hours. I highly recommend AE Commercial Property Maintenance for your project; they will not let you down. “
-Gayle Hoffee, C.B. Richard Ellis, Raleigh


“I just saw Scott to thank him for the wonderful job he and the crew did sealing the alleys in Southern Village. All the guys were so nice and the alleys look beautiful!! Tony and I drove down the dry ones today and we were impressed. I told Scott we hope to have a long relationship with your company and we will be delighted to recommend you to anyone needing asphalt work. Thanks again!”
-Peggy Akers, Field Manager
Berkeley Property Management
Southern Village, Chapel Hill

Raleigh, North Carolina's Premier Crack Filling & Seal Coating, Construction Sweeping and Pavement Striping & Marking Company.

AE Commercial Property Maintenance is Raleigh, North Carolina's premier service provider for Crack Filling & Seal Coating, Construction Sweeping, Pavement Striping & Marking and other exterior commercial property and parking lot needs.

Since 1987, Raleigh clients have counted on our Crack Filling & Seal Coating, Construction Sweeping, Pavement Striping & Marking for parking lots, businesses, shopping centers, construction sites and more. Our flexible scheduling options and affordable pricing reflect our dedication to customer service and our Raleigh clients. We have crews working and on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing us to efficiently cater to your parking lot maintenance needs in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Parking Lot Sweeping

Your parking lot is a facility that you offer to better serve your clients or to attract new ones. Before clients see your office, store or facility, learn about your services, or become aware of your products, the first thing they notice is your parking lot. A clean parking lot is the first impression potential clients will see, which is why you need a quality power sweeping company.

Retail Sweeping

Maintaining clean surroundings is a necessity, not just inside the building, but outside as well which should be serviced by an experienced parking lot sweeping service. Having a clean parking lot and maintaining it will lessen the damage your property suffers over time. Cleanliness is a key to keeping your property looking fresh and new.

Construction Sweeping

A reliable sweeping service is a service provider that will schedule quality cleaning when it is least disruptive to your work schedules. We understand the laws surrounding construction track out and EPA guidelines for property development. Contact us and let us help keep your Construction Project clean and on schedule.

Street Sweeping

Maintaining a proper sweeping schedule helps your community remain clean, and therefore increases pride and property values. Whether you are a homeowner, property manager, or HOA board member, our property maintenance company understands that it is important to you that your community parking areas and streets remain clean and in compliance with all requirements.

Specialized Sweeping

For the safety of your employees and to make sure you keep up with code requirements, it is important to keep a regular cleaning and sweeping schedule in your warehouse and after special events on your property. We can help prepare your personalized schedule for sweeps to meet your specific needs.

Asphalt Maintenance

We perform all types of asphalt repairs, including; Potholes, Sinkholes, Cracked Areas, Upheaval and more. One of the distinguishing factors between our company and the competition is that we offer lower minimum job prices. As a result, you and your clients can have those small areas repaired quickly, without any hassle, and for a very reasonable price.

Crack Filling

Asphalt is designed to catch the water and drain into designated areas. Standing water will cause surface deterioration and will allow water to flow and penetrate the underlayment. If left unattended, open cracks will begin to compromise the pavement surface and eventually lead to the need for more costly repairs.

Seal Coating

Quality seal coating protects the asphalt by stopping the oxidation process, and it protects your financial investment. New asphalt pavement has a deep black color, but the oxidation process begins immediately which, over time, causes the pavement to develop a light gray color. This oxidation process eats deep into the pavement and the small aggregate material, such as sand and gravel, is released. Consequently, the pavement area becomes rough and deteriorated.

Parking Lot Striping

Your parking lot is not complete until cars know where to park, and that requires line striping. We provide all the types of striping required in a parking lot, including line striping, direction arrows, curb painting, custom stencils, and signage. The paint can be latex or oil, depending on the job. We utilize Graco LineLazer™ striping technology, which provides a more precise control of the application and reduces pulsation and line variation.

Parking Lot Striping

A clean building, sidewalk, or dumpster pad is not a luxury; these are necessities for the proper upkeep of your property. Over time, due to trash, dirt, and debris, these areas of your property become dirty and stained. Additionally, vandalism often leaves unsightly marks on your building that seems impossible to remove, and only invite more graffiti artists to add their mark.

Depend on Us!

We are a fully insured company. Our equipment is the latest model and well-maintained to provide top-quality power sweeping services for our Raleigh clients. We hold our company to the sweeping industry's highest ethical standards, evident by our membership in the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) and 1-800-SWEEPER. Our participation in these organizations provides us with the information we need to keep our Raleigh, North Carolina clients updated with the latest tips and techniques in our industry.

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