Sweep Away The Pollen

Spring has sprung and the blooms are gorgeous shades of pink, red, and white!… but what is all this yellow stuff all over your car? It is much less pretty, but it almost looks like a dusting of snow! If you are new to the Triangle you may be asking why no one warned you about the thick pollen of spring. However, a seasoned veteran knows to expect the unwelcome side effect of this beautiful time of year. But did you know that AE Commercial Property Maintenance can help? Whether you have been in the Triangle area for 2 months or 22 years, AE is here to sweep away the pollen!

Parking Lot Sweeping

You know that regular parking lot sweeping is your solution to ridding your lot of trash and debris; did you know it can also lower the amount of pollen on your pavement? Any particles, whether dust or pollen, can wear on your pavement; too much wear will decrease the lifespan of your pavement. Pollen, like dirt, can also decrease visibility of markings on your pavement. Decreased visibility is an increased liability. Tenants also experience an increase in pollen on their tires and underside of their cars as they drive over your pavement. Regular parking lot sweeping removes the thick coating of pollen, leading to a rise in pavement quality and safety on your lot. With more frequent sweeps, your parking lot will be cleaner and safer, and your tenants will be happier. 

Pressure Washing

Your pavement itself is not the only thing suffering from a coating of pollen. Benches, signs, and sidewalks will collect pollen as well. Imagine sitting on a bench while waiting for your ride, only to find your pants are covered in pollen when you stand up. Or think about walking on a sidewalk covered in pollen, noticing your brand-new canvas shoes have picked up the disgusting stuff. Without regular pressure washing throughout the spring season, your patrons will experience these annoyances daily. Pollen, like dust and dirt, also wears on your surfaces and causes them to look shabby. Even if your signage is new and pavement and concrete surfaces recently refreshed, a covering of pollen gives the appearance of age. Pressure washing restores cleanliness to these surfaces in your parking lot. 

Personalized Property Plan

Additional sweeps during the spring months are a great idea for keeping that yellow glow off your pavement; regular pressure washing is the solution to removing pollen from all other surfaces on your property. The team at AE can assess your pollen removal needs and create your personalized property plan. This plan will address the need for pollen removal via sweeping or pressure washing on all your surfaces. With this plan in place, we will truly sweep (and wash) away the pollen from your property! Contact us today to discuss your options and add your property to our sweeping and pressure washing calendars. We would love to help make this spring season a success for your property.