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Post Run Sweep

Skilled Operators Plus Specialized Equipment Equals Better Sweeping

Street sweepers and their operators have reached a new level of sophistication and efficiency. This is primarily due to more advanced technologies and a focus on training. At Asphalt Commercial Property Maintenance, we have been hard at work continually updating our trucks, and ensuring our drivers are well trained. It is our goal to have up to date street sweeping equipment and the most skilled operators.  Our operators are prepared to confidently sweep all types of paved surfaces. Asphalt Commercial Property Maintenance offers street sweeping on-demand for emergencies. We also offer flexible contract sweeping services that are safe for the environment.

Where Are Street Sweepers Needed?

Roadways, highways, interstates, bridges, off ramps, state highways, county roads, rural roads, and municipal streets all need to be regularly swept. Commercial areas also require street sweeping. These include office parks, shopping centers, retail strip malls, medical complexes, hospitals, shopping malls, industrial parks, airports, airport runways, and construction sites. It is also worth mentioning that special events like concerts, fairs and parks might also need post-event sweeping services.

Street Sweeping Equipment is Better Than Ever

Modern sweepers are durable and purpose-built for lower operating costs and increased safety. The sweeper cabs are designed for better visibility and controls are situated for best ergonomics and comfort. The more common type are broom sweepers that spray water onto the street to loosen debris and dirt. This debris and dirt is accumulated into the sweeper bin until it can be dumped. Every hard surface needs to be swept and cleaned on regular intervals.

Operators-The Linchpin of The Operation

Asphalt Commercial Property Maintenance employs well trained and highly skilled operators who continually make safety the top priority. Our operators work with an advanced and well-maintained equipment. Our ability to priority dispatch on demand for emergency services make our services second to none in our region. We strive to ensure our driver operators are courteous, professional, and knowledgeable.

Since we were established, Asphalt Commercial Property Maintenance has been sweeping and cleaning the paved surfaces of the Raleigh-Durham Metro Area. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

Winter Parking Lot Sweeping In North Carolina

Winter is not the time to do anything outdoors when you live in North Carolina. That said, parking lot sweeping in North Carolina  is something of an exception.

Here are three reasons why.

Street Sweeping Helps Improve Lot Safety

First and foremost, sweeping your lot year round improves safety conditions for you, your employees and visitors to your property. Winter storms have a definite tendency to drop branches on paved surfaces and pour down cold rain that brings oils up from the asphalt. By removing those obstructions, along with litter and and debris, your sweeping service helps keep the lot outside your commercial property clean and safe.

Distinguish Yourself From The Competition

With a clean, attractice lot, why would potential customers stay away? Actually, customers do care a great deal about appearances, as they care about ease of parking and clearly visible markings. Asphalt Commercial Property Maintenance can help with all three of these issues by clearing debris out of your driving and parking areas, pressure washing surfaces to clear away ground-in grime and old paint, and then striping your lot with fresh, reflective high-visibility markings. The effect of these actions is to create a pleasant, clean-looking space where people want to shop. This effect is magnified if you have similar competing businesses nearby with dingy, branch-strewn lots that contrast negatively with the attractive cleanliness of your own professionally maintained lot. 

Save Yourself Trouble When Spring Arrives

The essential act of parking lot sweeping is the sweeping, which powers off old dirt and grease. Frequent power washes also help address larger problems before they begin, or at least before they get worse. A pile of dropped leaves, for instance, starts out as a loose heap, but as cars and pedestrians’ feet repeatedly crush the pile, those leaves can get compacted and release their oils. In the rain, this tannin seeps into the cracks in the pavement and speeds the process of erosion on the asphalt or concrete. Just as letting cobwebs accumulate on your building’s exterior causes a faster accumulation of grime and dirt, so letting waste pile up in your lot during the winter months makes it harder to sweep away in spring.

Winter is not the best time to go outdoors- and it may not feel like the right time to do any kind of cleaning or maintenance to your property. Waste and potential safety hazards are still accumulating all winter long, however, and some types of debris pile up faster in the cold and rainy months than at any other time. To learn more about what a professional parking lot sweeping and commercial cleaning in winter can do to help your commercial property, contact Asphalt Commercial Property Maintenance for a phone consultation with our trained staff today.