Special Late-Winter Sweeps

So you’re ready to “think Spring?” We know, but we also know there are several more weeks of Winter (or so says the Groundhog.) Whether or not warmer weather joins us soon, your property needs some extra care right now. Let’s do a quick deep dive into special late-winter sweeps to prep your property for the next few weeks.

Salt and Sand Clean Up

The Triangle area received a couple of good snows this year! Though it is unlikely we will see more of the fluffy white stuff, snow may still be affecting your pavement. Did you schedule an extra cleaning for your outdoor surfaces when the snow melted? If not, now is the time to call AE Commercial Property Maintenance! The leftover salt and sand from winter weather prep wears down the life of your asphalt. We can add a sweep to your regular schedule or a one-time sweep as needed. For particularly dirty areas, ask about pressure washing to renew the like-new glow of your asphalt.

President’s Day Sweeps

It’s not too late! Schedule an extra sweep to clean up your pavement after the first major retail sale weekend of the year! Shoppers will be out in full-force this weekend, ready to scoop up those deals… and drop their receipts. Well, maybe it won’t be a receipt, but you can expect extra litter in your parking lot! Have a plan in place ahead of time to get your pavement back in shape when all the shoppers go home. Call AE today to schedule post-holiday weekend sweeps for all of your Raleigh-Durham area properties.

Sweep Away the Madness

In the Triangle, we have one focus this time of year: basketball! No matter your shade of blue or red, your properties need to be prepared for the madness! Patrons will be looking for great locations to watch their favorite games. So, if you have restaurants or sports bars in any of your shopping centers, your pavement will need extra sweeps in March! Call us today to be sure you are on our schedule; we will sweep away the mess of the madness!

St. Patrick’s Day

Will bars be packed this year on St. Patrick’s Day? You can bet your lucky charms! Heads up, property managers!: The first official day of the big tournament coincides with St. Patrick’s Day. So we should all be expecting extra traffic in parking lots on March 17. Schedule a special sweep for your parking lot before and after this anomaly. Your tenants will appreciate you being privy to their extra needs during these celebrations.

Think Spring

Alright, now we will let you think about Spring! After the madness of March, your parking lot needs to be fresh and renewed. Spring Break shoppers and “DIY-ers” will be out in full bloom in a few weeks. Increase your regular parking lot sweeping schedule now to prepare for the increase in traffic. Contact AE to talk to an expert about how often your Raleigh-Durham area pavement needs to be swept. We promise to provide pristine parking lots in the Triangle and beyond.