The Ins And Outs Of Sweeping In Winter

For many people, the months following the rush of the holidays provide a season to recover, hibernate, and maybe, just maybe plan for the coming year. However, if you are managing any type of property or street, now is not the time to put your property maintenance on hold! Sure, traffic may have decreased slightly in your parking lots and streets. Customers now spend less time loitering and leaving litter. What you may not know is that the colder weather combined with any type of debris (even debris you don’t see!) can cause your asphalt and other surfaces to deteriorate much more quickly than you expect in warmer months. This leads to greater need for repairs when spring and summer arrive.

What Can I Do?

We are so glad you asked! No property owner or manager can be expected to be an expert on these things. However, you happen to know the experts – AE Commercial Property Maintenance! We would love to chat with you about assessing the frequency of your parking lot sweeping or street sweeping. We will provide you with a personalized plan for the cold months. This guarantees that your pavement is well-maintained and protected from unnecessary wear and tear.

What About Salt and Sand?

AE Commercial Property Maintenance can sweep away remaining salt and dirt after the snow and ice have melted. Between snow events, your paved surfaces require cleaning and sweeping. This process keeps the salt and sand from penetrating the surface of your asphalt and wearing down the pavement. We can schedule these sweeps at regular intervals throughout the winter to keep your parking lots and streets pristine.

Salt and sand also affect your other outdoor surfaces! Think about how nasty the exterior of your car looks after driving through the winter slush. That same type of buildup is occurring on your outdoor surfaces even if you have not stopped to notice! Sidewalks, outdoor trashcans, benches, signs, and buildings all require cleaning at different frequencies during the winter than they do at other times of year. AE Commercial Property Maintenance is here to keep your outdoor surfaces clean throughout the winter months.

What Is My Next Step?

Now we have convinced you that winter is not the time for a break from property and pavement sweeping and cleaning. What can you do? Leave the hibernating to the bears, and contact us today so we can get to work on your behalf! Call us at (919) 878-5924. We will begin the work of creating and executing your winter property maintenance plan. We are happy to provide you with our FREE professional estimate for all your seasonal sweeping and cleaning needs.

What A Relief!

Yes, having a team of experts on your side is certainly a relief! Put away your worries about winter pavement and property maintenance and focus on planning for the great year ahead. With AE Commercial Property Maintenance caring for your property, you can be sure that all of your properties in the Raleigh, NC metro area are well-kept and professional in appearance in the dreary winter months and beyond.